madehere FAQ

1 - What is madehere?

madehere is a FREE and easy-to-use platform to help consumers, organizations, businesses and artists buy and sell local products. madehere's mission is to develop a marketplace where searching to buy local products is made as easy as possible.

2 - How do I set up my store?

1st step - register. 2nd step - sign in. 3rd step - click on Store Settings and follow instructions. Once your store is set up, you can then start creating your item list.

3 - How do I purchase an item on

Click on the add to cart button and follow instructions. You can then create for FREE a user account, which permits you to personalize your shopping experience.

4 - How will survive if there are no listing or commission fees?

Our goal is to keep madehere fee free. We believe that madehere is a tool that will allow people to buy local easily and contribute positively to their local economy. Eventually, we might consider advertising on the site.

5 - What items can I sell on

Items can be manufactured, grown, handmade, music, etc. You can even decide to create your own store and sell goods from different manufacturers.

6 - What should I do if I encounter a problem with my order/purchase?

First, log into your account. You will automatically be directed to your dashboard. You may access your order info under orders or purchases. If you cannot solve the problem via your dashboard, please email and indicate your purchase order number.

7 - Why only PayPal?

PayPal is the most internationally recognized way to pay and get paid. It is secure and trusted. If you would like more information, please visit

8 - How are sales taxes calculated?

Each seller defines applicable sales tax in his or her PayPal account. Therefore, the total amount you see on your madehere purchase order does not reflect applicable taxes.

9 - How can I define where my item has been made?

madehere follows the packaging & labeling Rules & Regulations of consumer products for the country in question.

10 - If I buy local, does it mean that I automatically reduce my environmental footprint?

Generally speaking, purchasing local goods reduces the energy used in transport and packaging. That being said, many factors influence our environmental footprint such as, production methods, energy & materials used. We believe that when comparing similar products it is more ecological to buy the product that is made closest to you.

11 - What is madehere's definition of local?

The definition of a "local product"is at your discretion. For some, a local product means a product manufactured in their city, for others, in their country. madehere does not pass judgment and simply helps consumers rapidly find items which are closest to them.